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About the Rosentreter Foundation

ACNC RegistrationThe Rosentreter Foundation Limited has been established as an Australian Charity operating worldwide whose purpose is to advance education and culture by:

  • Establishing, cataloguing, and exhibiting a collection of historical items (artifacts, documents, and memorabilia) relating to Prussian families having Australian descendants for future generations,
  • Maintaining, researching, developing and expanding existing & new family genealogy trees of Prussian families having Australian descendants.
  • Providing scholarships and/or bursaries for educational purposes: in particular but not limited to, genealogical (including DNA matching) studies.


The Foundation intends to become self-funding through project subscriptions (currently under development) and other merchandise, however donations and bequests are more than welcome.

Some of the Prussian family names we help research/support

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  • Bonin
  • Fetting
  • von Hagen
  • Giessmann
  • Krüger (Kreuger)
  • von Puttlitz (Pudlitz)
  • Röpnak (Röpnack)
  • Rosentreter (Rosentrater, Rosentrætter, Rosentreder, Rosentreader, Rosenträger, Rosendräger, Rosentritt, Różański, Rosanka, Розентретер)
  • Schoenfisch (Schönfisch)
  • Schmidt (Schmid, Schmitt, Schmitter)
  • Schwarz (Schwartz)
  • Wojhan
  • Weise

About our Logo

Tragoutt David Rosentreter & Johanne Rauschard - Marriage Presentation Document

Tragoutt David Rosentreter & Johanne Rauschard – Marriage Presentation Document

This document is a letter of nobility from the god of marriage Hymen, made as a kind of joke for the wedding (possibly as part of the Best Man’s speech) of Traugott David Rosentreter and Johanne Louisa Caroline Rauschard in 1797.


Hymen, the signatory, is the Greek god of marriage and the elevation in both nobility and of the coat of arms are not real, however it contains some factual information such as age, profession, etc.


It should be noted that Traugott David was a lawyer and worked in the Prussian Government administration (and eventually a Privy Councillor to King Frederick William II), so it has all the features of the deeds as they were common in the Holy Roman Empire at that time.


The wax seal shows the gods Minerva (Roman Goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare, justice, law, victory, and the sponsor of arts, trade, and strategy) & Hymen or Hymenaeus (Greek Goddess of marriage) at the altar. These two would not normally occur together, so the stamp for the seal must have been custom made.


The Foundation decided to adopt the crest shown within this document as our logo (in the absence of a ‘real and verifiable’ Rosentreter “Coat of Arms”), and thought the humour was fitting. The document has been purchased and gifted to the foundation and forms part of the collection.


Read more about the document and our logo on our blog