Donate to the Rosentreter Foundation

Running Costs Fund

The Foundation has costs of around USD$1,500 per year (domain name registrations, website hosting, software, research subscriptions, accounting, business registrations, legal fees, etc.) so a monthly contribution of even a Dollar, a Euro, a Krona, a Peso or a Ruble towards this will help… 15 people @ US$10 per month would cover all our ongoing costs.

Memorabilia & General Fund

Occasionally an item of memorabilia relating to familes we support comes up for auction… Help build the fund to purchase these items.

This fund will also eventually be used for educational scholarships…

Projects Fund

The Foundation has a number of projects and initiatives it is involved with. Currently we are raising funds for translation of over 50,000 records for the Deutsch Krone Project.

Any small amount will help…